One step closer.


Without realizing it is already May and it has been almost 4 months since the biggest life changing event incident happened to my family. I must admit that the first two months of the semester really destroyed me as a person. The fact that my summer vacation turned into a nightmare was really hard to believe. I am taking Exercise and Sports Science for my degree and of course I have to learn things such as giving first aid and etc. So it made it harder for me to focus because I couldn’t run from thinking about the incident. Plus the same picture of the incident kept on replaying in my mind. At times I had hard times breathing and I felt suffocated, and when I was in lectures, my mind went completely blank and I just couldn’t listen to what my lecturers were talking about. I spent times crying in the shower, buses and trains. Yeah, it was that bad. But I tried to keep going. I swear I tried because I felt especially bad to those who sponsored for my tuition fees for this semester.

At a certain point, I decided to bring myself up again because I know my dad wouldn’t like to see me acting the way I did. So I told my housemates to write me motivational notes so that I could stick them on my board, whenever I miss talking my dad, I write letters to him (in which they will remain undelivered in this world), I tried writing motivational quotes for myself and I tried giving myself a pep talk every morning in front of the mirror and during autumn break, I went traveling with my friends and just enjoyed the good companies. Every time I was feeling extremely depressed, I kept giving myself reasons to why I can’t behave the way I did. I realized that I am the one who is in charge of how I feel. As sad as I may be, I am the one who decides whether I should let myself getting destroyed because I am in control of my emotions. I gave myself some thoughts and I realized that there are people who are going through worse than what my family and I are going through. I also realized that whenever I feel sad, it was me who decided to feel sad and that same goes with being happy.

I may look like a woman with a heart of steel. I may look like I am strong inside out. But just with a fact that I am a human being, I do feel sad, and I am fragile. So I am very thankful and feeling very blessed with the fact that I am surrounded with good friends. The friends who constantly give me mental supports and keep checking up on me every once in a while to see whether I am doing okay or not. To all my friends, thank you so much I just don’t know how to pay this debt. Just letting you know, I am starting to accept the reality and fate that Allah has given me.


Here’s a short video of my autumn break trip to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.




Week 4 Special!

Do you really think it was special? HAHA you fool . Lol kidding xD

Anyway, I was supposed to have an update about last week but I was really busy and I am getting busier each day! STRESS! So if you are/were wondering what happened last week, why Nura also didn’t update about last Sunday, let me answer your question and confusion. Hahaha . I only went on a Sundate with Afiqah because there was a trackwork that day and the trains that go from Nura’s place to the city didn’t work. Shucks. Movingg right along ~

We planned to go to TAFE’s library, get our work done and then go to Circular Quay because it was the Opera House opening day– free of charge to get in there! But then first, unluckily the library didn’t open ! So Afiqah suggested that we work on our assignments at a cafe because we literally had no where to go . No backup plans. But like duhhh, cafe + assignment + friend = work for 5 mins then talk for the rest of the time; which was exactly what we did. As a regular customer, for lunch of course we ended up going to … GUESS! Yes, you are correct! Time For Thai! So we enjoyed our lunch there and decided to make our move to Circular Quay. Half way through the tunnel, we realized that we have to register first to get in even though it was free of charge but we didn’t because we didn’t. So, U-turn hahaha and we ended up talking nonsense, went to priceline (a pharmacy) and Afiqah got herself a sunscreen, etc. We ended up going home after that hahahahah

But on the same day it was my housemate’s birthday and so the rest of my housemates and I planned to surprise her! Not bad huh? Blew a lot of balloons, got pizzas, and other snacks, guitar and a little bit of Birthday song preparation. Ahh, you know the party stuff hahaha. So yeah we got things ready and started our moves by 8:00 PM. Had so much fun and the whipping cream that we bought, we ended up wasting it on each other, and on the floor which made me ended up showering AGAIN at around 12AM and cleaned the house at 11PM. Amazing. A night to remember.

So what’s so special about week 4? What’s so special about it? Nothing hahah. But this is my first video that I’ll be posting because I’d like to share the time I spent with my Afiqah babe and surprise birthday late party! So I guess that should be a little bit special eh? But, heads up… It will be a very crappy video because I don’t really like editing videos and I’m putting the video up because the events were different.

(sorry, my internet is being such a butthole; the video won’t upload and my video editing is crappy)

^ HAHAH, I finally got it uploaded xD sorry!

P/S: If you want to know about what happened last (last) Sunday, check out Nura’s blog . It was a fun lazy Sunday 😉 + this post was written 10 days ago HAHA

Weekend getaway

Beep boop beep… Ayeee~ Finally weekend, and it’s my first weekend of Uni life + three days weekend. Woott woot~ So what is up this week buds?

I made friends! Oh Em Gee .

Sounds absolutely craaazy! I actually made friends that have the same sense of humor as I do! Thought it was hard to find these crazy people but yeahhh, everyone was very funny and welcoming at school and home. So I think I’m adapting very well in this new place called home. But I must tell you that I am NOT living as a complete adult yet because I haven’t cooked myself a proper meal. Heh heh heh. Not very surprising but I have been eating instant noodles for dinner, bread with nutella for lunch and cereals for breakfast for the past few days. YAY still surviving!

As for the daily routine life, quite easy. I chose morning classes. The morning classes didn’t choose me so it was REALLY hard for me to get up in the morning. The bed is always comfier in the morning rather than at night. I had to make sure my parents call me and check whether I am awake or not. Ugh, guilty. Of course, as always, I always take approximately 2 hours to get ready, dressed and eat breakfast. Then around 7:30ish, I get to the train station and catch a train there. Again, not a very surprising news. On my third day of Uni, I was running late and I ran to catch the train. If I was 3 mins late that day, Ya Allah! Bless me. HAHAH. Then, the train ride is about 15 mins, get off, walk about 10 mins. Less than 10 mins if I go through the mall and window shopping before class starts. Heheh. Then at 13.00 o’clock, class ended and I go home, sleep. That’s pretty much my daily routine living alone.


New friends yayaya~


The Filipinos called it Pabebe waves


With the crazy heads friends


And most importantly, with the housemates!

How about the weekend getaway? Oh pfft of course. It is mandatory to go out with my Malaysian sensation on weekend. Weekend is like THE DATE you know.

Sep. 03. 2015

Nura fiqah (you see what I did there? HEH HEH HEH) and I went to the AUG Mid- Autumn Festival. It was an event for students getting to know each other. To break the ice between us and the rest of the people, they organized games which they got the idea from a Korean variety show, Running Man. Good show I tell ya! Of course, the ripping nametag game is included. Anyways, I came there for free food. It wasn’t a WOW event really but I still enjoyed the weather, the games, the food and the playground. By the way, Saturday isn’t really mandatory. We gathered because there was an event so might as well hangout and have fun yeah?


“There’s a spider on your head!”

Sep. 04. 2015

The very well planned event but due to not waking up early as planned, the WHOLE itinerary changed.

What we planned vs. What actually happened. 

We planned to meet at the Central Station at 8:00 o’clock in the morning wearing skirts and looking cute, artsy, hispter and all. From there, we were supposed to take train and go to Bondi beach and take BEAUTIFUL pictures. After that, we were supposed to watch a movie that costs $6.00 ! I tell you $6.00 for a movie is SO CHEAP here. Why? Because the usual price is $20.00 and $17.00 students’ discount. Anyway— After we finish watching our movie, we were supposed to take a train, buy lunch and go to a reserved park where people sit around and go for a picnic. Then? Yes, then… after getting tired and had fun and all, we were supposed to head home.

But guess what happened?

ALL OF US WOKE UP LATE! The latest? ME, of course. Instead of 8:00 o’clock, I woke up at 8:45 o’clock. The rest woke up at around 8:00 o’clock. HAHAHAH . So what happened? We gathered together before 10:00 o’clock at the Central. From there, we went to Bondi beach and NO ARTSY PICTURES. Why?

  1. I was the only one that wore skirts -_- ; those losers ended up wearing jeans.
  2. The sun was scorching hot! I could feel myself burning especially when 90% of my clothes are black! There are no escapes.
  3. The beach was crowded with surfers and swimmers and yeah just people really.
  4. It wasn’t as beautiful as expected.


Bondi Beach

So? So… We ended up taking train back to the Central. We were so hungry because we skipped our breakfast, so we decided to grab our lunch at Thai Restaurant and fill our empty stomach. I pigged out. Instead of going to the cinema and watch movie, and grab lunch and go to the reserved park, we went to the beach, eat lunch and went to the Circular Quay. Took a lot of pictures and videos. Played rock paper scissors on the stairs so it took us approximately 30 mins just to get on the stairs. HAHAHAH. It was fun though because it was us. We are fun people. There we found a good spot for resting and we rested there longer than expected. Of course, we still took pictures, videos and being crazy and loud. Then we head home.


With my girlfriends


Our friendship, is your goal

I am extremely tired today from having too much fun! So I am very thankful that I still have another day of holiday because I still need to finish my homework, and do some reviewing + cleaning day. I also still need to wash my clothes that I have been keeping in this small basket for a week. I am running out of pants and shirts to wear! xD

Readers, please also anticipate a weekly vlog and blog updates from my dear girlfriend, Nura. HAHAHA. Check out our fun times on her blog,


This is Ha, signing out. PEACE Y’ALL!

Brand New

This is how my story started:

Due to so many requests, I have finally decided to create a new blog under WordPress.

Wait… What? You have a different blog?

Yes, I do. I have a Blogspot but this will be the blog that I will keep updating at least for once a week. I will try to keep the day consistent, but no promises. I may be loaded with work and studies and may not be able to find the time to update. So, lower your expectations.

-The real story begins-

After six years struggling Middle School and High School, I have finally succeed and officially completed my studies on June 14th 2015. Then, I waited for about 3 months to get back to the stu[dying] life. Thus the beginning of my new life started.


After a lot of packing and re-packing, the day finally came. At around 14:30 o’clock, I stepped out of the house, bringing my luggages ready to go to the airport. The journey was from Jubail R.C – Dammam Airport – Jeddah Airport – KLIA – KLIA 2. This crazy journey finally ended on the next day which was the 23rd September 2015.


After arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and while waiting for the next flight to Australia, my dad and I went pigging out on 30 screwed barbequed meats (Satay). At 12:00 o’clock, we depart from KLIA 2 to Sydney and ready for the moving on thr 24th.

Sep.24th.2015 – Sep.26th.2015

Cold breeze. My first day in Sydney and I didn’t bring my thick winter jacket along with me. I could feel the chills went straight to my spine. But that didn’t make my dad and I stop from settling the important documents. Bought my train card, learned the routes to the train station, University and straight home. Nothing big. Of course, went for sightseeing and touring the Circular City, Sydney which is very well known with its Opera House and Darling Harbour. Food? No problem. I have found variety of Asian Restaurant and on top of that, my dad and I have also found a Halal Thai Restaurant. A market that is filled with a lot of shops selling cheaper goods called Paddy Market was also found. Exciting! But nothing was more interesting than the 27th!


[Fun Day]


The squads reunion! After few days of my arrival, I finally met with my favorite girls back in school.The two awesome juniors, Nura and Afiqah. Yes, my fellow Malaysian sensation. We planned to meet each other for the Malaysia Festival 2015 and I kid you not, I enjoyed a lot. The free Amy Search concert was probably the highlight of the event. Not to mention my cravings for the food was also satisfied! And of course, the Malay faces that I have been longing to meet. I couldn’t believe myself about wanting to meet other Malaysians but I did! Homesick at its best.


[Malaysia Festival 2015]

Sep.28th.2015- Sep.29th.2015

It was my first day of Uni and my last day for my dad in Sydney. There were so many things that went through my mind at that time. I started missing home and family. I am definitely lying if I say that I am not homesick. My anxiety level went from 0 to 10 real quick. The most stressful yet fun day for myself. I tried putting the thought of my family deep in mind by making friends. Yes, I started making friends and I made a lot already on my orientation day. By far I was the youngest. But on the real first day of school where I got lectures to attend to, I finally met a friend my age and another friend a year younger. Even better, my friends all have the same sense of humor as I do! My friends along with my housemates are taking a great care of me! So I must say that my first two days in Uni were not awkward and was very fun! It was amazing! But when I got my anxiety attack and started shaking, I tell myself to breathe as my mind whisper,

“You will be fine baby girl! Chin up, shoulders wide and stay confident! Work hard for every cents that your parents have paid.”


[Orientation Day- Group2]

I think, I can overcome my homesickness as soon as possible~