Spring/Autumn break ’16

Friends, travel, food.  What else could be the happiest thing that I’ve done throughout my spring break this year? At first I thought my spring break was not gonna be as lit as my previous breaks when I was still in high school. But who knew that my spring break this year was one of the remarkable breaks I’ve ever had (away from family)? When I first heard that my housemates’ friends were coming from Melbourne and Brisbane and stay at our place for the break, I thought  I was doomed. Ah, another awkward ‘hi, hello’ thing again. And of course I was feeling a little bit anxious because I was worried that I might not be able to break the ice. I was worried that they might not be as crazy as I am because I can seriously get out of hand if I’m excited lol. Plus, I was just about to get closer to my new housemates. Yikes.

Ah as expected, it was awkward ‘hi, hello’ when I first met them but that didn’t last long. Hours past and viola ~  Right after I got back from the Malaysian Ball, all 10 girls in the house got along with each other. We talked and we laughed for hours past our bed time forgetting the itinerary that we had for the next day; and the journey started then.

The next morning, EVERYONE was late. E V E R Y O N E. Boys, girls, all of us were rushing. We were supposed to meet at Central Station by 730AM but our schedule was delayed about an hour. Not guilty because it was pretty early for us. During the 2-3 hours train to Blue Mountains, the girls went back to sleep but I wasn’t sure about the guys. Probably they were not sleeping throughout the whole journey since I heard them talking the whole time. Upon our arrival, we got off the carriage like goats getting released to eat grass at a field. To express the greatness of our trip to Blue Mountains, the one day trip was worth it though I pretty much gambled the trip because money was such a huge pain in an ass. It was the end of the month, and I was broke and the money that my dad wired in was taking forever to get into my bank account. But fun is fun. No regret.

Long story, short:

Day 1: Blue Mountain + Time for Thai for dinner after we got back from Blue Mountains. Got home around 10-11 PM ish, stalked each others’ Facebook, commented on old pictures. Probably the highlight of our break.

Day 2: Sydney sightseeing. First, we went to Chinese Garden of Friendship and took lots of royalty pictures. HAHAH. Then, we took a ferry, passed the harbour bridge, went to Opera house, the usual tourist trip y’know. Lots of pictures and lots of love. Then we had dinner at Pancake on Rocks, and they made the best pancake I’ve ever tasted in my 20 years life. It was bomb dot com. Btw, it is recommended. A must try! hehe

Day 3: Bondi to Cooge coastal walk. A lot of walking. A L O T. And a lot of stopping for pictures too. Honestly I couldn’t remember what and where we ate for dinner. Probably it was Time for Thai again but, didn’t skip dinner fosho.


The Joyahs ft. Mirasal (MIA)


Day 3_Group picture wee~

Day 4: Souvenirs stop and we went to  Paddy’s Market, a very well-known hotspot for cheap souvenirs. After that we went for ice skating cuz it was free but we sucked at it. Still no regrets.


Last Joyah’s group photo taken before Lins & Mun and Dee and Tasha left

Anywaaays, if you got a super fast wifi and a lot of data to waste, click the videos to watch the fun trip 😉


What’s up Jubail? Pt.1

For the past 8 years, I grew up and lived in a small town named Yanbu’ and right after graduating high school, my family and I moved to the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Currently we are staying in Jubail, another Royal Commission city just like Yanbu except, it is much more fun in Jubail !

I may have no friends here and my friends may be my mom and her friends but I can’t lie the fact that Jubail is a fun and beautiful city! Not trying to get anybody so worked up but Yanbu is really nothing compare to Jubail. HAHAHA I seriously can’t believe that I lived there for nearly 10 years! Good lord. But what’s there in Jubail ? Come and check out the pictures below and you won’t missed out!

Fresh market where you can mostly find men only

But, it is not packed at all ! You’ve got a lot of space! No need to worry about getting bumped into others 😉

What else though? Fish market is not that special anyway. Okay, so in Jubail we always have different activities every month. Those events are usually organized by KRMJ (Kelab Rakyat Malaysia Jubail). Yes, in Yanbu you can literally invite everyone to your party but in Jubail, nope. Interestingly, they have Jumanisa’ (mommies group), and kelab remaja (WOW! You can find jodoh too if you want) So one of the events that I’ve attend was the desert camp.

Nobody wants to go during summer to a desert but if it’s during winter, it is so much fun!

You get up and play the ATV without having to worry about wearing your abaya

And of course, BBQ session at night

So obviously I can’t hide the fun good times I had


Winter/Summer ’16

Summer in Northern Hemisphere but, it was winter for me since I live in Southern Hemisphere. Nothing special just the season got a little messy. Anyways, summer break is always my favorite because it is one of my breaks that I got to see my fambam and spend a lot of time with them without worrying about anything. You name it, grades, alarm clock, food to eat, transportation. My soul was free from stress.

So let’s catch up to what happened in summer.I know my post is very late but I guess better late than never 😀

I had fun. A lot of fun. My face was glowing like Edward Cullen in Twilight. There was so much fun that I don’t think I can even describe it. But that should not be a worry because I vlogged. I literally took video of the whole summer trip in which y’all can check it in the video below:

To be honest, it was hard for me to edit the video because I obviously couldn’t fit my whole fun month in just few minutes! But I tried. I couldn’t edit the whole trip but at least the fun clips are there hehe….

Last summer my fambam and I went for the Malaysia road trip. From Johor, we went all the way to the Northern part of Malaysia ~ On our way, we stopped by a lot of places visiting extended relatives mostly from my dad’s side because mom’s side are mostly in Johor. heheh… So we covered almost the whole Malaysia (except pantai timur and borneo though) … you name it… Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Perak, KL, Penang… all covered! And of course, I’m very blessed, grateful and couldn’t ask for more than this! After the road trip, it wasn’t the end of my vacation though. hahah. I still had a lot of fun in Johor which is my hometown. Guess what was the highlight of my vacation when I was in Johor? HERHERHER

I frickin watched a football match at a stadium for the firstt timee in 19 years! It was seriously so exciting! AND our team won on the home ground ! WAHEHEO

More to come~ Look forward to my spring/autumn break ’16 ~ 😀

Desert camp


Hey guise! Hope you guys are all doing greaat! I haven’t been updating my blog because yknow, I have been so busy watching dramas, chilling with the family, and of course having so much fun! It gets a little boring though when I kinda realized that I can’t chill with my peanuts cuz they’re in yanbu and wtf they are seniors! :O Really wished that I could fly to Yanbu and visit them sometime. Anyhows, since I’m stuck in Jubail, I haven’t go scuba diving which is kinda smeh. But here’s something that I’d like to share with you guys!

Guess what I did? :>

Never done this when I was in yanbu…

WEEE~ DESERT CAMP! hahah I’m so used to beach camps but really this one is new and I’m loving it.

My family with other two families went to a desert for a camp and played ATV till we were so exhausted! Then, at night we were barbequeing and chilled in the cold winter weather. But still it was a lot of fun and I really wanted to this again soon! But I already suggested for a scuba diving because I’m missing the smell and taste of the ocean.

Hereee goes the video because my words can’t express enough the enjoyment and the excitement that I had that day!

.young traveller.

Mhmmmmm…. Alright. Back with the blogging …

Idk where to start, what to write just to get your attention into reading my blog. Cuz, im not funny. Lol kidding. I’m a very funny person. *wink wink* Let’s not go with the serious topics because I’m not getting the moods yet. HEHEHEH. So here goes my travelouge…

21 Dec 2015

D-DAY! It was my flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur wooot~ Soooo, I woke up rather early to get to the airport just to wait for few hours, alone- sadly cuz nobody was sending me off so I was “ALL BYYY MYSELFFF~” … (Not important though) . I arrived in Malaysia safely around 530p.m and waited for more than 1 hour for my luggage. I only had one fricken luggage and they made me wait for more than 1 hour. Grrr !! But whatever, still alright cuz upon my arrival, my sister and Eilee bae were waiting and then we went pigging out and watch night movie. So. much. fun! But then my heart was crying so much cuz my money was draining (T.T)

22 Dec 2015

Oh no biggies, just another day spent in Malaysia where my sister and I were supposed to take a bus to grandma’s place, and we missed the bus. God bless us. It was 130pm, and there were no more tickets available except at 530pm. We ended up waiting, and spent more money on unnecessary things. My heart was crying so much. Can’t believe Malaysia is soo expensive now. WHY?! 😦 Thankfully though we arrived at grandma’s place safely. So I spent my time well there for 3 days 2 nights, ate a lot of amazing food, did some extra spending on the food cuz why not? ehhe ;D The rest of my time there? Oh sucks being one of the eldest grandchild, I ended up babysitting my cousins. Hm annoying little fellas but can’t lie about their cuteness though.

24 Dec 2015

Went back to Kuala Lumpur, again another 4 hours drive gah! I hate bus rides. Stayed at my uncle’s place with mes cousines (always fun cuz they’re very cuckoo) Sleepless night just talking about our little secrets and played games.

25 Dec 2015-29 Dec 2015

Finally my second D-Day! It was my flight to go back to Saudi where my parents and my siblings were waiting for me but I didn’t go straight home. Yes, my dad drove us all the way to the western province of Saudi (Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah) sorry Yanbu people, I didn’t get to visit y’all cuz my time was limited. But after the 13++ hours drive we finally got home safely around 130am and nothing feels greater than being at home. :3 Home sweet home :>

2016 is cominggg! Start working on your goals if you still haven’t work on it for the past few years .Lol xx