September rant


This is probably gonna be a short post but lets get this down.

Have you ever heard a saying “The real bullies are your friends”. Okay, so let’s cut the chase. I first heard that during an assembly back in high school. At first I didn’t believe it because gotta admit it, most of the times I was in a good term with my friends. Obviously, I thought spending time with them were always good and fun and never a dull day with them.

But after high school, uni happens. I probably shouldn’t have signed up for this. But whatever, it is good to learn and educate yourself because in the end, it is you who are benefiting from it. Okay — back to my story. Once I started uni, I lived on my own with 5 different girls,  and that’s when I realized of the saying ” The real bullies are your own friends”. Indeed. How can I not rant?

  1.  Everytime I do something for the first time, say for example like emceeing for a theater event, instead of supports that I want to receive, I was being put down, laughed at, and criticized as if it was some kind of a joke. Yes, big deal. Not. Funny. I am already tired enough dealing with these criticism like it is nothing. It is my first time being an MC officially, I am already worried sick thinking what if I mess it up, what if I trip on the stage, etc. while you– who are supposed to be a ‘friend’ assumed that I will be the worst MC. I will make the whole situation cringe worthy. I will end up not say anything and let the other MC do the talking. Questioning me of how I ended up being the MC. The worst part? Instead of going to cheer and genuinely support me, you have decided to ‘BOO’ me. Thanks.
  2. Studies. Okay for pete’s sake! We are taking different courses. Who are you to judge if whatever I am learning is hard or not. Who are you to make fun of me learning something that you have already learned? Okay well good for you for learning something that I haven’t learned yet. I am getting there. We all struggled in the first place trying to understand the concept. Instead of teaching me, you bragged. Instead of teaching me, you constantly saying that whatever I study is easy. What’s the purpose of all that? To make me feel stupid about myself when I am actually struggling to understand? I just don’t get it. First, good on you that you have learned in way ahead before I did. Good on me that I don’t have a lot of assessment. But please be aware that every assessment I do, the weighing percentage is very high.

But let’s be honest. Why do people act like this? Why do ‘friends’ act the way they do? Are you so insecure about yourself that you have to put a friend down in order to make yourself feel better? If that’s merely the reason why, you are so pathetic. Please don’t live like a loser. If you have nothing nice to say, just keep your mouth shut. Just because I didn’t say anything that doesn’t mean I am not hurt by your words. If probably next time I stop talking to you, don’t question why. I am just cutting off the people that are giving me negativity in life.



Welcome 2016

Happy New Year guise!!! I hope you guys all enjoyed your New Year’s celebration…

How was my celebration? Uhm, let’s see. I didn’t celebrate it haha. Honestly, I wasn’t even waiting for the clock to hit 1200 o’clock for 2016. I thought well, it’s just going to be another year. “New year, new me” hahah really? I mean obviously every year people change. People are not gonna stay the same each year… Including me. Thoughts, personality, looks,.. everything. You name it. They all changed.

For me? I don’t know. 2015 did quite a lot of damaged on me and I’ve noticed myself changing each year. I’m not the same as I was 2 or 3 years ago. I was happier, enjoying things, fewer problem I think. The way I think, and look at things,… they are all different now. My defense mechanism also changed. How different though?

Well back then, I was more optimistic, cheerful, do things that actually make me happy and most of the time, I feel at ease. I never cared of how I look, the way I dressed or what I think about how people look at me. But I think as I grow older, I feel myself changing,… more mature (?) and surprisingly, I started taking people’s nasty comments seriously. I’m still optimistic but it wasn’t the same as I was few years ago. I’m still happy but happy in a different way… Actually now, I’d say I feel more blessed instead of happy.

Seriously, I hate the fact that these nasty comments started creeping in my soul… Like “you are so fat. You need to lose some weight.”, “ I think you should take care of your face because look at those pimples.” , “ you’re so stupid.” , “be a little bit more feminine. You’re a girl, not a tomboy.”… etc etc etc. People have been telling me these stuffs since few years ago… Family, friends (new/old), everyone… you name it. But I didn’t care. I gave zero fucks. I just laughed it off… But like now, whoa… I can’t believe that I’m letting those comments affect me. At some point, I take these comments as a challenge to change. But then, why should I change? For people? Hell no. I don’t live to satisfy people. But since it’s been bothering me a lot for a while now, and it’s 2016, so it’s game time! I’m going to change for myself and just to make your jaw drop, eyes poppin’, heart melt (lol joke)

Hahah but for real though, if you guys set goals to change, change for yourself and change to be better. Don’t do it for other people cuz they don’t worth your time. If you haven’t live a happy life, take this chance to live happily. If you get hurt a lot because of others, lower your expectations. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop loving people. Love first, then you’ll be loved.

.young traveller.

Mhmmmmm…. Alright. Back with the blogging …

Idk where to start, what to write just to get your attention into reading my blog. Cuz, im not funny. Lol kidding. I’m a very funny person. *wink wink* Let’s not go with the serious topics because I’m not getting the moods yet. HEHEHEH. So here goes my travelouge…

21 Dec 2015

D-DAY! It was my flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur wooot~ Soooo, I woke up rather early to get to the airport just to wait for few hours, alone- sadly cuz nobody was sending me off so I was “ALL BYYY MYSELFFF~” … (Not important though) . I arrived in Malaysia safely around 530p.m and waited for more than 1 hour for my luggage. I only had one fricken luggage and they made me wait for more than 1 hour. Grrr !! But whatever, still alright cuz upon my arrival, my sister and Eilee bae were waiting and then we went pigging out and watch night movie. So. much. fun! But then my heart was crying so much cuz my money was draining (T.T)

22 Dec 2015

Oh no biggies, just another day spent in Malaysia where my sister and I were supposed to take a bus to grandma’s place, and we missed the bus. God bless us. It was 130pm, and there were no more tickets available except at 530pm. We ended up waiting, and spent more money on unnecessary things. My heart was crying so much. Can’t believe Malaysia is soo expensive now. WHY?! 😦 Thankfully though we arrived at grandma’s place safely. So I spent my time well there for 3 days 2 nights, ate a lot of amazing food, did some extra spending on the food cuz why not? ehhe ;D The rest of my time there? Oh sucks being one of the eldest grandchild, I ended up babysitting my cousins. Hm annoying little fellas but can’t lie about their cuteness though.

24 Dec 2015

Went back to Kuala Lumpur, again another 4 hours drive gah! I hate bus rides. Stayed at my uncle’s place with mes cousines (always fun cuz they’re very cuckoo) Sleepless night just talking about our little secrets and played games.

25 Dec 2015-29 Dec 2015

Finally my second D-Day! It was my flight to go back to Saudi where my parents and my siblings were waiting for me but I didn’t go straight home. Yes, my dad drove us all the way to the western province of Saudi (Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah) sorry Yanbu people, I didn’t get to visit y’all cuz my time was limited. But after the 13++ hours drive we finally got home safely around 130am and nothing feels greater than being at home. :3 Home sweet home :>

2016 is cominggg! Start working on your goals if you still haven’t work on it for the past few years .Lol xx


I can’t adult!

As I walked down the small alleys from the train station to my house, there were thousands of things that went through my mind.

“Oh, maybe I should start searching for a part-time job”

“Nah, maybe I should just study”

“But I don’t think I will have enough savings for shopping”

“Well, I think I should start cooking first”

When I finally reached home, I finally decided to be a complete adult– well at least practice to be a proper adult. I told my friends that I was looking for a job and if they can recommend me at their work place. I just thought it wasn’t a bad idea to go to work together after class ends. So I was told to write my resume and I wrote a very crappy resume because there are not a lot to talk about anyway. I’m lacking out of experiences and I’m lacking a lot in so many ways. Yes, sad truth.

Since I’m already lacking in so many aspects, I decided to cook myself meals instead of eating instant noodles which I have been eating for the past weeks whenever I’m home. So I told my Malaysian sensation crew that I needed to get myself groceries. Thus our weekend was quite boring especially on Sunday because all we did were the adult responsibilities and just cry everytime we check our bank account balance. We still did a lot of fun stuff though on Saturday but I couldn’t process everything yet because honestly I am starting to feel very exhausted! Maybe through  Nura’s Blog you guys can get the idea of our Saturday date.

I don’t have lots to tell about this week especially but by far I have tried new things and there’s also a good news that I got over the weekend! The lists below is the overview:

  1. I cooked myself rice, and side dishes! I shared my first meal here with my housemates because they came to the kitchen and told me that they smell somehting really good! I gave them a good impression of Malaysian food. Hahah kidding
  2. The good news is, I got a call from my friends on Saturday and they told me that I can start working on Monday which is tomorrow! YAY! I am slightly nervous but I’m more excited to try out this new experience!
  3. I have been learning Tagalog these days and by far, I am able to understand the language and I can actually have a conversation with my Filipino friends in Tagalog. That just makes me feel really happy because I really learned a lot!