A little bit of catching up?

Hallurrr ~

Damn Nazihah! Back at it again with the studying!

I don’t think I have the time to even update this blog actually. I am so overwhelmed with 3 essays due in 2 weeks + an essay due this week + work + volunteer work. Now it really sounds like I just threw my social life away eh?

But what am I doing here instead of working on my work ? Yeah, I’m updating this blog because I don’t feel like working on my assessments. My motivation level is literally rolling down the hill. I have morning class tomorrow and I have to wake up super early because I need to get ready and it takes me hours just to get myself dressed!

Anyhow… Let’s catch up with my not so interesting life.

My work life is very depressing so I rather not talk about it at all (Working is not fun anyway). My social life is actually not so bad because I didn’t throw it away completely yet. I’m still trying to find time to fit my social life in so I can still at least look like a human. Rather than a panda looking person. My cooking level just gets better every time so dear future husband, you are one lucky man! 😉 HAHA. My uni life, ahh how do I talk about this… UHHH … Dead. Yeah. Dead. That’s the word. So many researches to do and essays to write + presentations to prepare. Not to mention, A GROUP PRESENTATION AS WELL. OH LORD! I don’t know how I’m going to work with my group mates because I seriously don’t know any of them and I just don’t know how to lead this group because obviously no one is bossing me around.

It makes me feel very homesick honestly. I just miss my mom’s cooking. I just miss teasing my grandma at home while she’s sleeping or watching TV. I just miss my family right now. Tough life. I don’t know how my body is even functioning right now because I think I’m overusing it. I need like a good rest and sleep and full body massage.

But at least while I’m complaining and whining about these, my parents and friends…  They listen a lot and they are always encouraging me and leave me with motivational words. So kudos to them!

Daddy said, “Challenges and adversities are there for you to face. Setbacks and challenges are the best teacher in life. Don’t easily give up. Hang on and you will cherish that experiences….”

Mommy always reminds me not to miss my prayers.

Guess I’m all set again?