Desert camp


Hey guise! Hope you guys are all doing greaat! I haven’t been updating my blog because yknow, I have been so busy watching dramas, chilling with the family, and of course having so much fun! It gets a little boring though when I kinda realized that I can’t chill with my peanuts cuz they’re in yanbu and wtf they are seniors! :O Really wished that I could fly to Yanbu and visit them sometime. Anyhows, since I’m stuck in Jubail, I haven’t go scuba diving which is kinda smeh. But here’s something that I’d like to share with you guys!

Guess what I did? :>

Never done this when I was in yanbu…

WEEE~ DESERT CAMP! hahah I’m so used to beach camps but really this one is new and I’m loving it.

My family with other two families went to a desert for a camp and played ATV till we were so exhausted! Then, at night we were barbequeing and chilled in the cold winter weather. But still it was a lot of fun and I really wanted to this again soon! But I already suggested for a scuba diving because I’m missing the smell and taste of the ocean.

Hereee goes the video because my words can’t express enough the enjoyment and the excitement that I had that day!


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