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Mhmmmmm…. Alright. Back with the blogging …

Idk where to start, what to write just to get your attention into reading my blog. Cuz, im not funny. Lol kidding. I’m a very funny person. *wink wink* Let’s not go with the serious topics because I’m not getting the moods yet. HEHEHEH. So here goes my travelouge…

21 Dec 2015

D-DAY! It was my flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur wooot~ Soooo, I woke up rather early to get to the airport just to wait for few hours, alone- sadly cuz nobody was sending me off so I was “ALL BYYY MYSELFFF~” … (Not important though) . I arrived in Malaysia safely around 530p.m and waited for more than 1 hour for my luggage. I only had one fricken luggage and they made me wait for more than 1 hour. Grrr !! But whatever, still alright cuz upon my arrival, my sister and Eilee bae were waiting and then we went pigging out and watch night movie. So. much. fun! But then my heart was crying so much cuz my money was draining (T.T)

22 Dec 2015

Oh no biggies, just another day spent in Malaysia where my sister and I were supposed to take a bus to grandma’s place, and we missed the bus. God bless us. It was 130pm, and there were no more tickets available except at 530pm. We ended up waiting, and spent more money on unnecessary things. My heart was crying so much. Can’t believe Malaysia is soo expensive now. WHY?! 😦 Thankfully though we arrived at grandma’s place safely. So I spent my time well there for 3 days 2 nights, ate a lot of amazing food, did some extra spending on the food cuz why not? ehhe ;D The rest of my time there? Oh sucks being one of the eldest grandchild, I ended up babysitting my cousins. Hm annoying little fellas but can’t lie about their cuteness though.

24 Dec 2015

Went back to Kuala Lumpur, again another 4 hours drive gah! I hate bus rides. Stayed at my uncle’s place with mes cousines (always fun cuz they’re very cuckoo) Sleepless night just talking about our little secrets and played games.

25 Dec 2015-29 Dec 2015

Finally my second D-Day! It was my flight to go back to Saudi where my parents and my siblings were waiting for me but I didn’t go straight home. Yes, my dad drove us all the way to the western province of Saudi (Madinah, Makkah & Jeddah) sorry Yanbu people, I didn’t get to visit y’all cuz my time was limited. But after the 13++ hours drive we finally got home safely around 130am and nothing feels greater than being at home. :3 Home sweet home :>

2016 is cominggg! Start working on your goals if you still haven’t work on it for the past few years .Lol xx



Love and Hate

Hey guise!  I’m leaving in a day! YAY!!! OMG EXCITED!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!

I was just thinking before I hit the hay yesterday… I was seriously in a deep thought actually haha.

“The more you hate, the more you love”

LOL idk I used to say that a lot when I was in freshman especially to tease my friends … But now that I’m a little bit mature (yes) and with the Islamophobia that is going around, I think that phrase that I used to tease my friends actually suits the situation.

Everyday when I’m scrolling down my facebook page, there is always at least one negative post about Muslims, or Islam and terrorists, etc. But there are also posts about non-muslims that are against it or comments about how they are defending the Muslims. So for some reason, it got me thinking, maybe, if there are people that hate you and go against you, there are actually more people that love and support you.

Honestly, living far from my parents and watching biased media everywhere, sometimes scared me. But, knowing that there are people that still have common sense and actually smart not believing the media 100%, I’m actually very thankful.

Idk where I’m going with this but here’s a piece of advice… If you think that people hate you and go against you for being you, fuck it . Live your life. Be yourself because believe it or not, there are more nicer and supportive people (At least that’s what I believe).

No title.

Hello loves! I am back with the blogging heheh … Yeah I know i mentioned the whole ” I will update every sunday…” thing but I got a little stressed out with assignments for the past few weeks and yeah… I couldn’t keep up with the updates. Anyhow, not saying that I’m not busy anymore but I have some time now because I have one final presentation left and I’m done with the information and the slides soo… YEAHH~ a little bit relaxed …

Honestly, i don’t know what I should write right now because Nura is keeping most of you guys that are reading with the updates (Vlog & Blog) hahaha. I don’t like repeating stuff, it’s boring and you know it … While we are at it, I also don’t prefer talking about myself all the time because I am not conceited (I hope you guys don’t think that I am… maybe sometimes) xD hahahah

So…. maybe you guys can throw me some cool suggestions and ideas of what I should post that maybe can keep you entertain in some ways.  I don’t know, if you would like me to throw my good vibes every once a week to cheer u guys up or something. ? I don’t know. HAHAH

Feel free to comment below / DM or mention me on twitter / personal inbox me on FB/ email me / Ask.fm or wherever that you guys can throw me some ideas of what kind of posts that you guys want from me and I’ll try to make it happen.