Week 4 Special!

Do you really think it was special? HAHA you fool . Lol kidding xD

Anyway, I was supposed to have an update about last week but I was really busy and I am getting busier each day! STRESS! So if you are/were wondering what happened last week, why Nura also didn’t update about last Sunday, let me answer your question and confusion. Hahaha . I only went on a Sundate with Afiqah because there was a trackwork that day and the trains that go from Nura’s place to the city didn’t work. Shucks. Movingg right along ~

We planned to go to TAFE’s library, get our work done and then go to Circular Quay because it was the Opera House opening day– free of charge to get in there! But then first, unluckily the library didn’t open ! So Afiqah suggested that we work on our assignments at a cafe because we literally had no where to go . No backup plans. But like duhhh, cafe + assignment + friend = work for 5 mins then talk for the rest of the time; which was exactly what we did. As a regular customer, for lunch of course we ended up going to … GUESS! Yes, you are correct! Time For Thai! So we enjoyed our lunch there and decided to make our move to Circular Quay. Half way through the tunnel, we realized that we have to register first to get in even though it was free of charge but we didn’t because we didn’t. So, U-turn hahaha and we ended up talking nonsense, went to priceline (a pharmacy) and Afiqah got herself a sunscreen, etc. We ended up going home after that hahahahah

But on the same day it was my housemate’s birthday and so the rest of my housemates and I planned to surprise her! Not bad huh? Blew a lot of balloons, got pizzas, and other snacks, guitar and a little bit of Birthday song preparation. Ahh, you know the party stuff hahaha. So yeah we got things ready and started our moves by 8:00 PM. Had so much fun and the whipping cream that we bought, we ended up wasting it on each other, and on the floor which made me ended up showering AGAIN at around 12AM and cleaned the house at 11PM. Amazing. A night to remember.

So what’s so special about week 4? What’s so special about it? Nothing hahah. But this is my first video that I’ll be posting because I’d like to share the time I spent with my Afiqah babe and surprise birthday late party! So I guess that should be a little bit special eh? But, heads up… It will be a very crappy video because I don’t really like editing videos and I’m putting the video up because the events were different.

(sorry, my internet is being such a butthole; the video won’t upload and my video editing is crappy)

^ HAHAH, I finally got it uploaded xD sorry!

P/S: If you want to know about what happened last (last) Sunday, check out Nura’s blog . It was a fun lazy Sunday 😉 + this post was written 10 days ago HAHA