Brand New

This is how my story started:

Due to so many requests, I have finally decided to create a new blog under WordPress.

Wait… What? You have a different blog?

Yes, I do. I have a Blogspot but this will be the blog that I will keep updating at least for once a week. I will try to keep the day consistent, but no promises. I may be loaded with work and studies and may not be able to find the time to update. So, lower your expectations.

-The real story begins-

After six years struggling Middle School and High School, I have finally succeed and officially completed my studies on June 14th 2015. Then, I waited for about 3 months to get back to the stu[dying] life. Thus the beginning of my new life started.


After a lot of packing and re-packing, the day finally came. At around 14:30 o’clock, I stepped out of the house, bringing my luggages ready to go to the airport. The journey was from Jubail R.C – Dammam Airport – Jeddah Airport – KLIA – KLIA 2. This crazy journey finally ended on the next day which was the 23rd September 2015.


After arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and while waiting for the next flight to Australia, my dad and I went pigging out on 30 screwed barbequed meats (Satay). At 12:00 o’clock, we depart from KLIA 2 to Sydney and ready for the moving on thr 24th.

Sep.24th.2015 – Sep.26th.2015

Cold breeze. My first day in Sydney and I didn’t bring my thick winter jacket along with me. I could feel the chills went straight to my spine. But that didn’t make my dad and I stop from settling the important documents. Bought my train card, learned the routes to the train station, University and straight home. Nothing big. Of course, went for sightseeing and touring the Circular City, Sydney which is very well known with its Opera House and Darling Harbour. Food? No problem. I have found variety of Asian Restaurant and on top of that, my dad and I have also found a Halal Thai Restaurant. A market that is filled with a lot of shops selling cheaper goods called Paddy Market was also found. Exciting! But nothing was more interesting than the 27th!


[Fun Day]


The squads reunion! After few days of my arrival, I finally met with my favorite girls back in school.The two awesome juniors, Nura and Afiqah. Yes, my fellow Malaysian sensation. We planned to meet each other for the Malaysia Festival 2015 and I kid you not, I enjoyed a lot. The free Amy Search concert was probably the highlight of the event. Not to mention my cravings for the food was also satisfied! And of course, the Malay faces that I have been longing to meet. I couldn’t believe myself about wanting to meet other Malaysians but I did! Homesick at its best.


[Malaysia Festival 2015]

Sep.28th.2015- Sep.29th.2015

It was my first day of Uni and my last day for my dad in Sydney. There were so many things that went through my mind at that time. I started missing home and family. I am definitely lying if I say that I am not homesick. My anxiety level went from 0 to 10 real quick. The most stressful yet fun day for myself. I tried putting the thought of my family deep in mind by making friends. Yes, I started making friends and I made a lot already on my orientation day. By far I was the youngest. But on the real first day of school where I got lectures to attend to, I finally met a friend my age and another friend a year younger. Even better, my friends all have the same sense of humor as I do! My friends along with my housemates are taking a great care of me! So I must say that my first two days in Uni were not awkward and was very fun! It was amazing! But when I got my anxiety attack and started shaking, I tell myself to breathe as my mind whisper,

“You will be fine baby girl! Chin up, shoulders wide and stay confident! Work hard for every cents that your parents have paid.”


[Orientation Day- Group2]

I think, I can overcome my homesickness as soon as possible~